Category: Fetish Tales. This occurred a lot more than a decade ago once I had been married to Diane, my ex-wife.

Hair Hair Hair

Hair fetishism or partialism and Trichoplilla is really a hair fetish which will be intimately or erotically arousing, for the seeing touching or having fun with mainly head hair but additionally upper body, armpit hair. She said goodbye to her senior stylist. It had been 5.23pm. She shut the beauty beauty beauty salon door following a day that is busy. She endured searching within the … Continue Hair

My Ex that is knocked-up spouse

This occurred significantly more than ten years ago when I ended up being hitched to Diane, my ex-wife. These occasions took place about our plans to start a family because I found out my wife was cheating on me and, even worse from my point of view she mislead me and lied to me. As it is quite common in … Continue reading My Ex that is knocked-up spouse

Moawiya becomes SmallPenisMo

NOTE: this whole tale ended up being published by a virgin who may have never ever been with a woman. It’s 100% fictional nevertheless the character of Mo in character is comparable to me personally, the writer. I’m actually 28 yrs. Old and mentally healthy, so don’t allow the dark closing worry you. On that note, the closing is rather dark … Continue reading Moawiya becomes SmallPenisMo

Mahomet and their tiny cock

NOTE: this whole tale is with in four components. Component 1: Heritage is all about Mahomet reminiscing on their intimate development as being a teenager in past times, and Role 2: Experience is all about an event that takes place in our, because is Component 3: Paper Towels. Component 4: Horizon is once I completed jerking down and had been written … Continue reading Mahomet and their little cock

New lease of life for Ruth – part two

A new lease of life for Ruth…… part two Previous part link Ruth is at the screen viewing as Donald left for their Sunday early morning tennis, just 2 days had passed away since she have been spanked and fucked by Robert certainly one of her bosses. Continue reading